We all hear and say, “things happen for a reason.” I, for one, truly believe this is so. Had I never taken the path with as many detours and risks that I chose, I would never have to come to where I am now. I would never have been as passionate about the work that I do, from all perspectives.

All of the wonderful women who have crossed my path helped define who I was along the way and influenced my life and work. It is somewhat selfish to want to connect them all to share a little bit of the wisdom. Some crossed my path only briefly but left a profound mark. Others have been there consistently along the way. Regardless of duration, there mark was made, and I believe our paths crossed for a reason. They helped me gain perspective in an ever increasingly complex world.

I am encouraged to see an increasing amount of activity around the globe that validates our work. There is growing support for women entrepreneurs from both a political and business standpoint. Their success is vital to stability and vitality. The recognition of the value of mentoring has jump-started programs in organizations and communities. Women are learning how to differentiate self-caring from selfishness. Once they are strong, they achieve balance and are more productive and satisfied. Corporations are recognizing the value of women in management and the board room. There is still a ways to go here, but at least they are talking about it.

All this to say things happen for a reason. We all want to feel we have a purpose. Mine is to connect women to share wisdom that helps them achieve their potential and find satisfaction. I believe the reason is that women will pass it on to all the people that their lives impact; families, communities and nations will benefit. We all are here for a purpose, whether to pass on a piece of sage advice or to help a future president with kindness in their moment of weakness.

Some things to take note of:

FCEM World Association of Women Entrepreneurs

The Girl’s Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch), Friedman & Yorio

The Hidden Brain Drain Taskforce, Center for Work-Life Policy

Oprah’s Women’s Empowerment Retreat

TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) Women on Boards Program

Namaste (in honour of the light in me that recognizes the light in you),