Looking for my blog, I have moved it to become part of my website to achieve better clarity in my own communications for the Art of Social Strategy. Nothing like walking my own talk.  So the cobblers kids are finally getting new shoes, as they say.  This blog will remain live for archive purposes, but all posts from September 2010 forward have been updated in the new location and new posts will be there only.  I hope you will join me there provide your insight, follow me to together to find the benefits of mastering the Art of Social Strategy.


The Xmedia Lab in Malmö on Friday with a focus on Location Based we were treated to some great speakers with relevant insight.  Here are some of my take away reflections put in the social context.  Thank you to all of the great speakers for sharing your insight.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Johan P Bang, MD Future Position X emphasized that without the continual build out of infrastructure the effectivity of location based tools will remain confined to highly developed areas.  It location based tracking must be integrated into all new projects – from city planning to building construction and telecommunications.  Gigi Wang, Chair Emeritus Stanford/MIT Venture Lab, reminded us to also consider in densely populated cities with high rises, the importance of the Z component to improve indoor tracking and height. (more…)

Avatars and their meanings The avatar we create or image we post is the profile we portray for the masses that learn and process information visually. Why are we not be more mindful of that when we post? Of course, this is logical, and we hear over an over that images are more interesting to look at than text. Our mothers advised that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When was the last time you looked at your profile picture? Is your logo up to date? Does it say anything about your business, or is it just a fancy way of writing the name? “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Imagine that. A thousand words is certainly more than 140 characters or 100 word profile.

I was very inspired by watching this recent TED talk by founder Chris Anderson.  It speaks volumes to the importance of presence, awareness and the power of video sharing.  I have recently been working on a collaboration with two very talented individuals for leadership seminars to touch on just this.  With careful preparation, the delivery of complex messages can spread and grow.  Not everyone is comfortable in the spotlight, but many have stories to share.  Authenticity and Clarity in our stories, messages, word choice, objectives, and the impact of our non-verbal cues and as well as props usage can have an immense impact.  We can no longer hide in the corner office as leaders, founders and innovators.

AAAAARGH!So, I was very happy to be changing over a new platform from which I could blog remotely only to discover that my blog was no longer linked to any of my previous work or my website. (lesson/reminder one: do what you are best at, delegate the other things) I think I was better off when I didn’t know so much. In fact I seem to think it was easier when we hard coded html sites to make it exactly the way we want them. All these tools to make it easier, only tempt me to make a real mess. So I have great notes and a few pictures from Altimeter, which I will still post, better late than never. In the meantime after a week of meetings and doing the work that pays the bills, I am ready to sit down and clean up this mess. So, I apologize for the delay in any posting and the rest will come back soon. In the meantime, I will continue to tweet as that has not been interrupted. Cheers!

I arrived a couple of days ago in sunny California to get myself adjusted to the time zone before the Altimeter Group‘s Rise of Social Commerce event. I must say I have been quite looking forward to meeting like minds to discuss the future of social. I have been following their work for a couple of years now. Their professionalism and focus on the true social (not just the latest shiny tools, but the relationships, and how they impact organizations).

I had lunch today with Lora Cecere from Altimeter. Great to hear her story and what brought her to social and working from the enterprise side. From food chemistry to systems to social. Great stuff. Each is so unique and it is what makes this field so interesting. Thanks Lora. I look forward to meeting the rest of your team. I am sure there will be opportunities in the future for collaboration, especially with BOOST.

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After a long Summer break with feet in the sand and sea (yes, we all need that sometimes), I am coming back to the blog to say that it soon will be moving. I find that with the increase of people in my network accessing from China, the less accessible I am. I have used Google blogger with YouTube as my host for a long time, but alas, I think it is time to move on (at least for business purposes).

At the beginning of Summer, I made the leap, or plunge to go back to Apple. I converted my phone, my laptop, my desktop, my network and even invested in an iPad for development of the forthcoming interactive “book” development. This has left me with a Summer of relearning and discovering the world of Apple and how to do what I need from this platform designed for user-friendliness. My old html coded webpage has to be redesigned and images need tweaking, but I am loving the ability to finally edit my films that I have been accumulating. So there are a lot of good things to come.

With time to reflect, I realized that the majority of my time being dedicated to advisory services and workshops based on the Art of Social Strategy. I need to move away from 2BalanceU as a brand to avoid confusion. So I will be moving my blog and my website shortly (don’t worry this will all link over so you need not go looking for it) to one carrying my name.

Oh yes, and lastly (but not least), the demand for my services is greater than my available time, without diminishing the quality. (This is a blessing, thank you, I do appreciate your interest.) There are after all, only so many hours in the day and days in the week. First, I will be bringing in some interns this Fall to train them to run the workshops and help with keeping the research and cases up to date (nothing like stimulating the economy with more work). Plus, I will be collaborating with several organizations and groups to create learning materials that you can be used both online and off in an interactive way.

So as they say, back to work!

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